Sandy Scarrow

Fruition Horticulture
What Board(s) are you on?

Fruition Horticulture (BOP) Ltd, and the Bay of Plenty Rural Support Trust.

Are they appointed Directorships or were you elected onto the Board?

All were appointments.

Did you have any governance training?

I’ve become a member of the Institute of Directors and have attended many of their Professional Development courses including the 5-day course on Directorship. I would say this is a must if women want to gain roles on boards.

What do you feel you bring to this Board?

I feel I bring a diversity of thinking to the Rural Support Trust – a Trust that largely comprises of semi-retired farmers.

Do you think being a woman is of value to this Board? If so, how?

Yes – as above.

Have you got any tips/advice for women wanting to get onto a Board?

Become a member of the Institute of Directors and participate in their training.