Bernadine Guilleux

HortNZ United Fresh
Bernadine Guilleux
What Board(s) are you on?

Horticulture New Zealand, United Fresh.

Are they appointed Directorships or were you elected onto the Board?

I was elected onto the HortNZ board as a grower representative and appointed to the United Fresh Executive Committee.

Do you have a specific responsibility or portfolio on the Board?

Vice-President of the Board
Chair of the Future Director selection committee
Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Member of the HortNZ Scholarship selection panel.
I previously chaired Women in Horticulture and now sitting on the Governance Group.

Tell us about one of those Boards

Horticulture New Zealand is a pan-industry advocacy organization. The board is made up of 2 Independent Directors and 6 Grower-elected directors. Each grower-elected director serves a term of 3 years, with the right to re-election for two further terms. Independent Directors are appointed by a selection panel for a two year term, with the possibility to renew upon the discretion of the board and selection panel.

Did you have any governance training?

I was appointed as a Future Director on the Balle Bros Farms and Foods boards which gave me firsthand commercial governance experience. I am also member of the IOD and have participated in several courses during my career.