Networks are open and extend a welcome to women across all primary sectors in New Zealand.

Horticulture Networks

Hawke’s Bay Women in Hort Facebook

Hawke’s Bay regional Women in Horticulture Group.

Together we grow

Together We Grow is a new platform to better connect our urban and rural communities, to share stories and knowledge, so together we grow. The project has been created by a group of 15 women, all working at the forefront of our primary industries in NZ.

Women in Wine

Helps women in the wine industry to reach their full potential, step up into leadership roles and encourages businesses within the industry to assess their diversity and inclusion culture.

Other Networks

Dairy Women’s Network

Aims to inspire women in the dairy industry to learn, strive to be more and seize opportunities to build their businesses, personal lives and communities. DWN knowledge and learning resources are provided by passionate farming people at all levels of industry.

Rural Women

RWNZ seeks to empower rural women and girls by nurturing their talents and encouraging Members to develop their skills through leadership roles within Branches and Provincials.

Farming Mums

Farming Mums NZ started in 2013 as a Facebook group to support, inspire and connect women throughout rural New Zealand. Gone are the days where living rurally is a barrier to success, in fact, Farming Mums believes it provides your greatest opportunity.

Women in Kiwifruit

This network aims to connect women in the kiwifruit industry and deliver a platform to build connections, share experiences and provide opportunities to further support the contribution of women in the kiwifruit industry.

Grow NZ Women – Tasman

Women on Horticulture boards