Central Otago Women in Hort doubles Membership

Apr 12, 2021

Over 30 women from Tarras to The Teviot Valley traveled to a Central Otago Women in Hort event held on March 18th. The event, supported by Women in Horticulture aimed to bring the region’s women together. The diverse group included growers of stonefruit and pipfruit to packhouse and allied service staff of all ages and backgrounds.

“The event was designed to not only recognize women in all the different areas and positions, but it was a chance for us all to get together to get to know one another, creating connections through our common ground,” says Whitney Conder – Chair of the group.

Speakers included Emma Boase – HortNZ, Whitney Conder – Grower, and Paula Moore who’s a motivational speaker and advocate for women’s health and wellbeing.

“I want to start opening communication channels, to build a strong base for women in the industry. – tell our own stories. Since that night, our database has doubled with more and more women wanting to join the Women in Horticulture group and all are enthusiastic about upcoming events.” said Conder.


Is your region interested in hosting an event and need a hand? Send Women in Hort an email to find out how we can help.