Empower, value, support

In 2017 a group of women working in horticulture initiated this discussion. Why, they asked, is the presence of women in positions of leadership low?
Why are so few women recognised in horticulture awards?

Women are deeply involved in all aspects of horticulture and always have been. 

Research commissioned by UMR in 2017 to investigate the inhibitors to women being recognised confirmed:

Women represent 50% of the industry yet have less than 50% of the say.

Women are missing from the top tables in horticulture.

The majority of buyers of our products are women, yet decisions about consumers are largely made by men.

This invisibility is changing as more women take leadership roles beyond the property, create and run their own businesses, Chair corporations, manage packhouses, market products, lead cutting edge science and make up a very significant part of the labour force. Women are present at all levels of horticulture. This is positive progress – we just need lots more of it!

Diversity is a major factor in economic growth and improving returns
for the entire industry. This means there are significant benefits to increasing women’s participation.

This created our vision of an innovative and collaborative industry that empowers women at all levels. Our purpose is to foster an environment that encourages and recognises women’s participation from entry level to leadership roles in horticulture.

If this resonates with you we welcome you to join us on this journey, please sign up to be a member today.